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Our Privacy Policy

We (L6Hosting Limited) take your data seriously, we recognise that we have responsibilities as both a Data Controller and Data Processor under the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Guidance for our customers

If you are one of our customers and you are using any of our services to host any kind of personal or sensitive information then you it is your responsibility to be GDPR Compliant where appropriate and as such legally we cannot take any responsibility for any of the data you may be storing on our services, for more information you should read our Guidance for customers that need to be GDPR Compliant page.

Cookies and IP Address Collection

When you visit any of our websites (such as L6Hosting.scot) we do not automatically use any cookies or collect any personal data about you, unless you visit our Customer Control Panel (more information below).

However we, along with the companies that provide our networking and security infrastructure, may collect and store your public IP Address. This is only done to ensure that we can keep our websites and the services we provide running as smoothly as possible and to prevent any abuse (such as to prevent Denial of Service Attacks).

Since we host websites for our customers in the event that you visit one of our customers websites hosted on our services they will also have access to your public IP Address and as a result we cannot guarantee how they will use your public IP Address.

When you visit our Customer Control Panel at cp.L6Hosting.uk (for example when loggin into your account or when selecting a product on our website and purchasing it), we will automatically store cookies in your browser, this is required to allow you to login to the Customer Control Panel or to create an account and purchase a product.

The kinds of personal information we collect and how we process that information

When purchasing a product from us (such as a Web Hosting Subscription or a Domain Name) we may need to collect and process information about you or your business, the information we may collect, store and process is outlined below:

  • Your full name and prefered title
  • If your account is a business account, the name of your business
  • Your postal address
  • Your email address
  • At least one phone number
  • If you have one a VAT Number

We need to collect your name and email address so that you are able to login to your account, so that we can effectively service your account, and so that we can contact you regarding your account. The kinds of emails we will send you are:

  • If you have forgotten your account password we will use your email address to send a recovery link
  • When you place an order we will email you with information about your order such as a summary and invoice
  • When a subscription you have with us (for example for a Web Hosting Plan or a Domain Name) will soon be requiring renewal, we will send you email reminders with information about how to renew your subscription
  • If we have important information to share with you regarding your account, changes to our policies that directly impact the service we provide you or important changes that may affect the running of your account or the services that we provide you, we will only ever send these emails as and when required and they are not frequent

To allow us to comply with Tax Laws and so that we are charging you the correct percentage of Value Added Tax (VAT) we are required to collect your postal address, whether you are an individual or a business, and if you have one a VAT Number.

Domain Names

When processing a Domain Registration, Transfer, Renewal or update of Domain Contact Information, we are required to collect all of the information shown above (with the exception of VAT Number) and pass this information onto the relevant Domain Registry and any third parties who we use to register the domain through.

SSL/TLS Certificates

If you are using our Web Hosting and you request a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt you will be asked to provide an email address, the email address you provide will be sent to Let’s Encrypt along with the Certificate Request and will be processed in accordance with their Privacy Policy which you can read at LetsEncrypt.org/privacy.

Payment Information

We use two payment gateway providers to process payments, WorldPay and PayPal.

When you attempt to pay an order, whether that be for a new or existing service, you can choose which one of these providers is used to process the payment.

In order to facilitate processing of payments, when you select a payment gateway we may send specific pieces of information to that gateway, this includes:

  • Your name,
  • Business name,
  • Postal address,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • And amount of money to be paid.

The above information, and any information you provide to the chosen payment gateway will be processed by them in accordance with their terms and privacy notice. For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulations, the payment gateways listed here are Data Controllers.

Once a payment has been completed by the chosen payment gateway they will send us a token to allow our system to validate the payment, our system will store this token with a record of the payment, however we do not see any payment information you provide to the payment gateway, such as your card number.

For more information about how the payment gateways use the information we provide and the information you provide to them, please refer to the links below.

When you contact us

We provide several ways for you to contact us.

If you complete the “Request a callback” form on our website that information will be sent to us via email.

Our email addresses (so any address ending @L6Hosting.com, @L6Hosting.uk and @L6Hosting.scot) are hosted by Google, and so any information you communicate to us in email (including information provided using the “Request a callback” form, will be stored by Google in accordance with their privacy policies. You can read Google’s Privacy Policy at policies.google.com/privacy.

If you contact us by phone, as phone conversations are generally unencrypted we take no responsibility for the security of the call. We use a cloud based Voice Over IP Service and as such when you leave us a voicemail that voicemail will be unencrypted stored on our providers system. As such you should not use a voicemail to provide personal or sensitive information about you or your account, and we discourage doing so over a phone call.

If you contact us through any of our official Social Media channels the information you provide will be stored within the platform you are using and will be stored by that platform in accordance with their privacy policy. You should not use our Social Media Channels to provide personal or sensitive information about you or your account.

Retention Periods

We try to only keep data for as long as it is actually needed, and we will do our best to remove old data the is no longer required.

If you have an account or any subscriptions with us (such as for Web Hosting or a Domain Name) we will keep any personal and billing information for the lifetime of the account or subscription. When a subscription expires we will remove that subscription from our system, however the associated billing information and invoices will remain in our system for the lifetime of your customer account. We need to keep this information to ensure we have a solid financial record of all transactions.

We will also export anonymised financial data from our systems, such as the amount of each purchase and the Tax paid. We must do this to ensure that we have strong financial accounts and may retain this information indefinitely for auditing and historical accuracy, regardless of if a subscription or account has been deleted.

As mentioned above our systems will collect and store your public IP Address, this will be stored in log files, these log files will usually be deleted after 5 days.

Who to contact if you want to make a request or complain

If you would like to make a Subject Acces Requiest, Request for Deletion, or make a complaint you should first send us an email to support@L6Hosting.com, providing as much information about your request as possible, we will then reply to your request within 30 days.

If after your have received our response you are not satisified you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office by visiting ICO.org.uk, however we would ask that you contact us first.

Our Partners

  • Odin Bronze Partner
  • Plesk
  • Virtuozzor
  • OpenProvider

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • Powered by WorldPay
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • JCB